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Smadooh Media turns advertising into an experience

Advertising messages have changed a lot in recent years. Posters and TV commercials used to be the main advertising channels, but today there are a variety of new ways for companies to promote their products and services. One of them is Digital Out of Home (DOOH), which means digital advertising outside the home. That’s where Smadooh Media comes in, specializing in DOOH advertising in hair salons.

What is Smadooh Media?

Smadooh Media is an innovative DOOH advertising provider with 1000+ screens and 133+ advertising locations in hair salons across Germany. Our vision is to make advertising a memorable experience for customers. Our exclusive locations in hair salons give us the opportunity to reach a target group that is particularly open to advertising due to the length of stay.

What does Smadooh Media offer?

Smadooh Media offers entertainment blocks of all kinds, including sports, travel, crafts, fashion and technology. Our target group is broad and we have something for everyone. Our different offerings also allow us to address special target groups that are otherwise difficult to reach. We bring entertainment on the screen and thus conjure the attention of the people in the environment also on your WErbung,

Why choose Smadooh Media?

Smadooh Media is a unique provider specializing in DOOH advertising in hair salons. We offer a wide range of entertainment blocks and can thus reach a large target group. In addition, we have exclusive locations in hair salons that are accessible to customers while they are being served. With our unique combination of content and advertising, as well as exclusive locations, we can guarantee a high level of attention for the advertising.

With smadooh MEDIA: Advertising becomes an experience

Advertising doesn’t have to be boring and annoying. With smadooh MEDIA, advertising can become an unforgettable experience that excites your target group and leaves your company positively remembered.

Unique advertising campaigns for your company

smadooh MEDIA offers you the opportunity to customize your advertising campaigns to meet the needs of your target audience. Our experts will work closely with you to develop an advertising campaign that is precisely tailored to your business and goals.

The advantages of smadooh MEDIA

  • Individual advertising campaigns
  • Creative and appealing advertising materials
  • Involving your target group in the advertising campaign
  • Sustainable advertising success
  • Increase the awareness of your company

How does smadooh MEDIA work?

smadooh MEDIA relies on a combination of classic advertising and innovative marketing concepts. This is how advertising campaigns are created that not only stand out, but are also remembered.

Successful advertising campaigns for your company

With smadooh MEDIA you have the guarantee for successful advertising campaigns that will inspire your target group and leave your company positively remembered. Convince yourself and let us inspire you.

The hairdresser as a touchpoint to complement your advertising campaign


An advertising campaign should always consist of several touchpoints that promote a brand and its products. This is where the hairdresser comes in. The hairdresser can act as an important touchpoint to promote your brand and products. In this article we explain why the hairdresser can be a valuable tool for your advertising campaign.

Why the hairdresser?

The hairdresser has a special relationship with his customers. Most customers regularly visit their hairdresser and trust him. This provides a great opportunity to promote your brand and products. In addition, the hairdresser is able to sell your products directly to their customers, which is a great opportunity for your business.

How can the hairdresser be part of your advertising campaign?

There are several ways the hairdresser can be part of your advertising campaign. Here are some examples:

  • Selling your products directly to the customers
  • Use of your products in the hairdressing services of the hairdresser
  • Placement of advertising posters and materials in the hairdressing salon
  • Organization of events in collaboration with the hairdresser
  • Cooperation with the hairdresser on social media

Advantages of using hairdressers as a touchpoint

  • Direct connection to the customers
  • Trusting relationship between hairdresser and customer
  • Possibility to sell your products directly
  • Increase awareness of your brand
  • Increase in sales


Using hairdressers as a touchpoint in your advertising campaign can be of great benefit to your business. The close relationship with customers and the trusting relationship provides a great opportunity to promote your brand and products. So consider using the hairdresser as part of your next advertising campaign.

Out-of-home advertising media: Why they are so appealing

Most people today have busy schedules and spend little time at home. This makes it increasingly difficult for companies to capture the attention of their target group. This is where out-of-home advertising media come into play. They enable companies to reach their target audience in places where they are most likely to pay attention: on the go.

What are out-of-home advertising media?

Out-of-home advertising media are advertising media that are placed outside the company’s own premises to reach a wide audience. These advertising media can be in various forms, such as billboards, city light posters, advertising flags, advertising columns and many more.

Why are out-of-home advertisers considered so likeable?

There are several reasons why out-of-home advertising media are so appealing:

  1. They are unobtrusive: unlike online advertising, which is often perceived as disruptive, out-of-home advertisements are less intrusive and are often perceived as part of the landscape.
  2. You reach a broad target group: out-of-home advertising media are placed in places where many people are out and about. This allows companies to reach a broad audience without having to target a specific person or group.
  3. They offer high visibility: out-of-home advertising media are often large and highly visible, making them a valuable addition to your marketing strategy.

How can out-of-home advertising media be used effectively?

To use out-of-home advertising media effectively, companies should keep the following things in mind:

  1. Choose the right location: Choosing the right location is critical to the success of your out-of-home advertising campaign. Make sure that your advertising media is placed in places where many people are out and about.
  2. Use appealing graphics: Out-of-home advertising media must be appealing at first glance to attract the attention of the target group. Therefore, use appealing graphics and fonts to get your message across.
  3. Keep it simple: avoid conveying too much information at once. Keep your message simple and concise to ensure it is easily understood.
  4. Monitor your campaign: Monitor your out-of-home advertising campaign regularly to make sure it is having the success you want. For example, check that your advertising media are highly visible and that the target audience is responding to your message.

Closing words

Out-of-home advertising media are a valuable addition to your marketing strategy. They are unobtrusive, reach a broad target group and offer high visibility. Use out-of-home advertising media effectively by choosing the right location, using engaging graphics, keeping it simple, and monitoring your campaign regularly.