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Advertising messages have changed a lot in recent years. Posters and TV commercials used to be the main advertising channels, but today there are a variety of new ways for companies to promote their products and services. One of them is Digital Out of Home (DOOH), which means digital advertising outside the home. That’s where Smadooh Media comes in, specializing in DOOH advertising in hair salons.

What is Smadooh Media?

Smadooh Media is an innovative DOOH advertising provider with 1000+ screens and 133+ advertising locations in hair salons across Germany. Our vision is to make advertising a memorable experience for customers. Our exclusive locations in hair salons give us the opportunity to reach a target group that is particularly open to advertising due to the length of stay.

What does Smadooh Media offer?

Smadooh Media offers entertainment blocks of all kinds, including sports, travel, crafts, fashion and technology. Our target group is broad and we have something for everyone. Our different offerings also allow us to address special target groups that are otherwise difficult to reach. We bring entertainment on the screen and thus conjure the attention of the people in the environment also on your WErbung,

Why choose Smadooh Media?

Smadooh Media is a unique provider specializing in DOOH advertising in hair salons. We offer a wide range of entertainment blocks and can thus reach a large target group. In addition, we have exclusive locations in hair salons that are accessible to customers while they are being served. With our unique combination of content and advertising, as well as exclusive locations, we can guarantee a high level of attention for the advertising.