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Did you know hair salons can be the perfect place to advertise to your target audience? Hairdressing customers are often relaxed and undisturbed, making it an ideal time to capture their attention with your message. In addition, with a unique entertainment program displayed on screens via poster advertising, customers can engage with your brand while enjoying their visit. Interestingly, while men visit the hairdresser more frequently than women, they spend less time there on each visit. On the other hand, women typically spend around 75 minutes on average during their salon visits.

Why choose Smadooh for availing of the best poster advertising solutions?

  • Promises efficient advertising
  • You can make the perfect move by relying on expert poster advertising at hair salons to advertise your brand. They offer a relaxed atmosphere and a chance to grab people’s attention. Men go to hair salons more often than women but spend less time there. Women usually stay for about 75 minutes. Apalion AG created Smadooh MEDIA, a nationwide DOOH network now available in Swiss hair salons. It is widely appreciated for featuring high-quality entertainment that is updated monthly. The network is an excellent platform for targeted advertising since customers spend a lot of time in salons. It guarantees efficient spending of your advertising budget.
  • Gives you a competitive edge:
  • Planning your advertising campaign with Smadooh MEDIA provides a unique advantage that distinguishes you from your competition. With its frontal placement and extended dwell time, you can precisely target your audience and expect guaranteed performance values, transparent tracking, and standardised reporting. Your advertising dollars are spent efficiently, giving you high planning reliability and successful outcomes. Hence, you must trust Smadooh MEDIA to avail exceptional results for your brand. Take advantage of this perfect opportunity to reach yourtarget audience through the most effective poster advertising.

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