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Why should you place your marketing campaign in the hairdressing environment?

In today’s world, it is increasingly difficult to capture the attention of consumers. Advertising is often perceived as annoying and overlooked. In the hairdressing environment, however, there is a unique opportunity to reach your target group emotionally. The relaxation and decelerated mindset of your target audience provides an opportunity to bring awareness to your brand.

What is the cocooning effect?

The cocooning effect describes people’s need to protect themselves from the stressors of everyday life and relax in their own “cocoon.” In the hairdressing salon, customers have time and space to relax and switch off from the daily demands. This uninterrupted attention can be used to showcase your brand.

How can Smadooh MEDIA help you?

Smadooh MEDIA offers a unique platform for your advertising message. Our innovative DOOH network in Swiss hair salons enables you to reach your target group on an emotional level. With our unique entertainment program on frontally placed screens, you can take advantage of the cocooning effect and appeal to the decelerated mindset of your target group.

What does the dwell time look like?

Our high dwell time and good placement guarantee maximum visibility of your brand. Customers are served by the hairdresser during their stay and have our advertising screen right in front of them at the serving station. This guarantees the best possible attention for your advertising.

How diverse are the entertainment blocks at Smadooh MEDIA?

Smadooh MEDIA offers a wide range of entertainment blocks, including sports, travel, crafts, fashion, technology and many more. No matter which target group you address, we bring them to your advertising.