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A visit to the hairdresser should not be a purely practical act, but also a pleasant experience. Customers appreciate it when they find a pleasant atmosphere in a hair salon and can relax. This also includes varied entertainment that distracts the customer from everyday problems.

Good entertainment can take the form of music, magazines, DOOH screens or even conversations with the hairdresser or other customers. It is important that the hairdresser takes care of a pleasant atmosphere and makes his clients feel comfortable.

Why can’t there be too much advertising?

Too much advertising can quickly disturb and scare away the customer. It is important that the hairdresser creates a pleasant atmosphere and does not disturb with excessive advertising. It is better if the advertising is more subtle and not intrusive, smadooh MEDIA is super positioned with the screens. Not too flashy and so that our previous customers even like the advertising.

Smadooh MEDIA offers samplings together with advertisers, these will be well received by your customers, customers will also build a higher loyalty and will also be more loyal to your salon. The question then naturally arises: Why are samples of promotional products popular?

Promotional product samples are a great way to convince customers of the benefits of a particular product. Customers appreciate having the opportunity to try a product before they buy it.

Samples allow the customer to test the product in practice and see if it is suitable for them. This can lead to higher customer satisfaction and a greater likelihood that the customer will buy the product.

In summary, it is important that hairdressers provide a pleasant atmosphere for their customers and ensure that their customers can relax and feel comfortable by providing a variety of entertainment. Excessive advertising should be avoided, while samples of promotional products are a great way for both the issuer and the advertiser to build customer loyalty.