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Advertising is an important part of any business strategy. Through targeted advertising, you can raise awareness of your brand and products and make potential customers aware of your offerings. But how do you ensure that your advertising is actually seen?

Our solution: We place your advertising message in a unique place and offer you the opportunity to place your products as sampling. In this way, we bring your products directly to the point of sale and guarantee maximum visibility to your local clientele.

Why are impressions important?

Impressions are important because only by creating them, your advertising campaign can be successful. If you get a guaranteed number of views for your ad, you can be sure that your ad will actually be seen. This way you can reach your target audience and make your brand and products better known.

How does the placement of your advertising message work?

We place your advertising message in hairdressing salons, in which the customer has the maximum relaxation and time to devote to the advertising on the screen. To do this, we use our network of partners and our experience in the field of advertising. This way we can ensure that your advertising is placed exactly where it will be seen best.

Why should you place your products as sampling?

Placement of your products as sampling offers a unique opportunity to present and test your product directly to the customer. There are several advantages to placing your products as sampling:

  1. Customer loyalty: By trying out your product directly, you increase the bond with the customer and strengthen their loyalty to your product.
  2. Brand awareness: By placing your product directly with the customer, you increase brand awareness and help strengthen your brand.
  3. Increase sales: By experiencing your product directly, the likelihood that the customer will buy it increases, which in turn increases your sales.
  4. Feedback: Direct feedback from the customer allows you to improve and develop your product to meet the customer’s needs.
  5. Cost-effectiveness: Samplings are cost-efficient compared to other marketing measures and still offer a high reach.

In summary, placing your products as a sampling offers a unique opportunity to showcase your product directly to customers, increase brand awareness, drive sales, get feedback and operate cost effectively.