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With smadooh MEDIA you have the chance to reach your target group on an emotional level and strengthen their brand awareness. Our innovative DOOH networks in Swiss hair salons offer a unique platform for your advertising message, guaranteeing maximum visibility thanks to high dwell times and precise targeting.

A new concept for marketing

With smadooh MEDIA we make your brand shine and ensure an unforgettable experience for your target group. We use the cocooning effect and decelerated mindset that comes with a visit to a hairdresser to bring awareness to your brand. Our concept is to turn advertising into entertainment by presenting a unique entertainment program on frontally placed screens.

Maximum visibility for your brand

With over 1000 screens and 133 advertising locations, we offer you high availability for your advertising message. Our screens are located directly at the operating place of the hairdresser, so that we achieve the best possible attention during the stay. Our innovative concept ensures maximum visibility of your brand, because during the operation your advertising is played directly on the customer’s mirror.

Variety of entertainment

With smadooh MEDIA can be spent a variety of entertainment blocks, including sports, travel, crafts, crafts, fashion, technology and much more. This way you can be sure that your target audience will be enthusiastic about your advertising.

REAL Attention – truly attentive target group

With smadooh MEDIA you reach a really attentive target group. Because during the stay in the hairdresser’s attention is focused exclusively on the advertising screen. This gives you the opportunity to reach your target group on an emotional level and strengthen their brand awareness.