The hairdresser as a touchpoint to complement your advertising campaign


An advertising campaign should always consist of several touchpoints that promote a brand and its products. This is where the hairdresser comes in. The hairdresser can act as an important touchpoint to promote your brand and products. In this article we explain why the hairdresser can be a valuable tool for your advertising campaign.

Why the hairdresser?

The hairdresser has a special relationship with his customers. Most customers regularly visit their hairdresser and trust him. This provides a great opportunity to promote your brand and products. In addition, the hairdresser is able to sell your products directly to their customers, which is a great opportunity for your business.

How can the hairdresser be part of your advertising campaign?

There are several ways the hairdresser can be part of your advertising campaign. Here are some examples:

  • Selling your products directly to the customers
  • Use of your products in the hairdressing services of the hairdresser
  • Placement of advertising posters and materials in the hairdressing salon
  • Organization of events in collaboration with the hairdresser
  • Cooperation with the hairdresser on social media

Advantages of using hairdressers as a touchpoint

  • Direct connection to the customers
  • Trusting relationship between hairdresser and customer
  • Possibility to sell your products directly
  • Increase awareness of your brand
  • Increase in sales


Using hairdressers as a touchpoint in your advertising campaign can be of great benefit to your business. The close relationship with customers and the trusting relationship provides a great opportunity to promote your brand and products. So consider using the hairdresser as part of your next advertising campaign.

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