The Decelerated Customer

Harnessing the decelerated mindset of target audiences through DOOH media is of great importance for marketing. A decelerated attitude means that people have time and space to engage with content and understand it more deeply. DOOH media, such as Smadooh Media’s network, provides an excellent opportunity to reach decelerated consumers by offering large format and visually appealing advertising in public areas. This can help build a deeper connection between the brand image and the consumer.

Consumers usually don’t mind seeing ads while they are relaxed because they are more open and receptive to marketing messages when they are relaxed. A relaxed environment, such as in a waiting area or when relaxing at home, invites people to become more aware of their surroundings and focus their attention on visual content. In such an environment, consumers are more likely to take time to look carefully at advertising and consider the brand or product being portrayed. In addition, a relaxed attitude makes them feel less stressed and under pressure, which can make them more willing to absorb and interact with marketing messages.

In summary, it is of great importance to leverage the decelerated mindset of the target audience through DOOH media such as Smadooh Media’s network. A relaxed attitude leads to consumers being more open and receptive to marketing messages and taking time to consider them carefully. This can build a deeper connection between the brand image and the consumer, which can lead to increased awareness and interaction with the brand.

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