smadooh MEDIA

The chance to impress your customers and increase sales of your products and services.

6 months Gift

The smadooh package

The entertainment

Our Content Creators / Creative Influencers strive every month to create the best entertainment for you and your customers. Take a look.

Your direct contact persons

Our digitization professionals are ready.
They will be happy to advise you on digitization in your salon and especially, of course, on the subject of smadooh MEDIA – entertainment for your salon!

Experience that speaks for us

Coiffure that use us

Fr. Fabriccatore
Intercoiffure Creative Hair Lounge

“I was able to distribute my own products 15% better.”

Kelly Johnson
Impressive Hairs

“We used to have to buy new magazines every month, now we have smadooh and can focus on our business”

Bred Millson
Mens Time

“Thanks to smadooh, we always have an icebreaker ready; our customers think the entertainment program is great.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Smadooh’s trial period lasts 6 months and can be terminated at any time within this period. During this test phase, all this costs you nothing. Only after the end of the test phase, the paid phase begins. You will

A tablet costs 10CHF per month after the trial period.

A normal newspaper produces about 300 grams of CO2 per issue, and one of our tablets emits about 15g of CO2 per month. In this way, we make a significant contribution to reducing CO2 and thus help the environment.

The tablet needs electricity for 3Chf a year. #Saving #Environmentally friendly

We keep all content Mute. This allows you to have better conversations with your customers and work in peace.

The tablets are placed on the mirrors, a bit below eye level. This allows your customers to look ahead for entertainment instead of looking at their cell phones. This will also make your work easier.

We will send you the tablets and help you set them up. This takes no more than 5 minutes per tablet with everything. First, we hook up the tablet to your wifi. after that we still connect it to your power grid. The last thing we do is attach it together to the mirror. Our approach is simple and fast.

The tablets require power and wifi. The tablets do not have Youtube, Netflix, Prime or other apps installed. Our software usually starts by itself. If a customer does not want to see our program, this requires a click on the on/off button, then the screen goes black until you press the button again.