• #128 Locations
  • #over 1’061 screens
  • #230’000+ gross contacts weekly
  • #7 contacts per visitor/session
  • #individual content #frontal attention
  • #no zapping
  • #no scrolling
  • #no click away to the locations
That is convincing. Thanks to the broad layout of the locations and the fact that almost all Swiss:ins go to the hairdresser, our target group is just as broadly based.

Reach your target audience in a moment of relaxation and undisturbed attention: at the hairdresser. As we know, hairdresser customers are basically in a cocooning effect: the mindset is decelerated, the first positive experiences have already happened. The clientele sits relaxed in front of the mirror and enjoys a frontal attention on our screens with a unique entertainment program. While men (every 2 weeks) go to the hairdresser more often than women (every 6 weeks), they spend less time at each visit (about 40 minutes) than women (about 75 minutes on average).

Number of locations: 128
Number of screens: 1’061
Net contacts per week: 33,476
Gross contacts per week: 234,900

You can find our detailed documentation under the downloads