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Enjoy The Most Rewarding Poster Advertising with Smadooh Media! Did you know hair salons can be the perfect place to advertise to your target audience? Hairdressing customers are often relaxed and undisturbed, making it an ideal time to capture their attention with your message. In addition, with a unique entertainment program displayed on screens via poster […]

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4 !!!– Striking keyword statements– Appealing terms as a stimulus– Appealing terms may include: New / Now / Today / Attention / Extra /…

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“The short message rule:Proportion of images/image-like elements = at least 80%.Proportion of text statements = maximum 20%.Recommended ratio tolerance +/- 5%.Use interactive people illustrations with eye-catching qualities, both focused and clear illustrations as well as dynamically presented pack shots. Reduce text to a minimumChoose simple and catchy statements.

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Apalion AG launched smadooh MEDIA, Switzerland’s largest artificial intelligence-based DOOH network, in early 2021. More than 1,000 screens at 125 locations ensure a strong impact thanks to the high level of attention. Are you a team player? Looking for a sales challenge in a media startup? Do you maintain a fresh demeanor, are you experienced […]

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The hyper sign rule: Maximum 2 key-informations per spot. Only 1 key info per frame. This binding guideline ensures the necessary posterity.

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A duration of 10 seconds (for example, divided into 2 frames of 5 seconds each) is defined as the optimal total length. Exceeding the time limit leads to rejection. The time rule specifically addresses the limits of human perception as well as the average viewing time and the so-called alternating vision (3-5 seconds is the […]

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“There’s no place like home.Basel is a place of exciting contrasts. Contrasts such as masterpieces of contemporary architecture set against the well-preserved old town, or the wonderful harmony between the city’s cosmopolitan flair and vibrant traditions.@baseltourism shares its very best tips with us. Thank you! Instagram

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We are so happy that Zoe Torinesi has become a part of smadooh Media and that you can see her recipe ideas at the hairdresser now. Wow this looks delicious! @cookinesi_zoe_torinesi Instagram

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#new web presence We are pleased to announce the freshly redesigned website. Take a look around – there will be a lot added in the coming weeks to give you an even better visitor experience at  Your smadooh MEDIA Team