The right entertainment for coiffure customers

A visit to the hairdresser should not be a purely practical act, but also a pleasant experience. Customers appreciate it when they find a pleasant atmosphere in a hair salon and can relax. This also includes varied entertainment that distracts the customer from everyday problems. Good entertainment can take the form of music, magazines, DOOH […]

Leverage the cocooning effect with smadooh MEDIA

The cocooning effect describes people’s need to protect and relax in their private surroundings. This effect has increased in recent years as people experience more and more stress and hustle and bustle in their daily lives. In this environment, they look for ways to relax and escape. This effect is of great importance to marketers, […]

High dwell time and high attention – that’s smadooh MEDIA

With smadooh MEDIA you have the chance to reach your target group on an emotional level and strengthen their brand awareness. Our innovative DOOH networks in Swiss hair salons offer a unique platform for your advertising message, guaranteeing maximum visibility thanks to high dwell times and precise targeting. A new concept for marketing With smadooh […]

Advertise effectively and cost-efficiently with smadooh MEDIA

smadooh MEDIA is the future of marketing. Our innovative DOOH networks in Swiss hair salons offer a unique platform to present your brand to your target group. The high dwell time and high targeting guarantee maximum visibility of your brand. Discover the world of entertainment marketing with smadooh MEDIA With smadooh MEDIA you can reach […]

Unique platform for your advertising message – Smadooh MEDIA

Why should you place your marketing campaign in the hairdressing environment? In today’s world, it is increasingly difficult to capture the attention of consumers. Advertising is often perceived as annoying and overlooked. In the hairdressing environment, however, there is a unique opportunity to reach your target group emotionally. The relaxation and decelerated mindset of your […]

Innovative DOOH network for high visibility

Smadooh Media is a leader in Digital Out of Home (DOOH) advertising. With over 1000 screens and 133 advertising locations, Smadooh Media offers a variety of entertainment blocks for different target groups. Advertising is displayed directly in the hair salon in front of the customer, which guarantees maximum attention. Smadooh Media – Entertainment for all […]

Smadooh Media turns advertising into an experience

Advertising messages have changed a lot in recent years. Posters and TV commercials used to be the main advertising channels, but today there are a variety of new ways for companies to promote their products and services. One of them is Digital Out of Home (DOOH), which means digital advertising outside the home. That’s where […]

With smadooh MEDIA: Advertising becomes an experience

Advertising doesn’t have to be boring and annoying. With smadooh MEDIA, advertising can become an unforgettable experience that excites your target group and leaves your company positively remembered. Unique advertising campaigns for your company smadooh MEDIA offers you the opportunity to customize your advertising campaigns to meet the needs of your target audience. Our experts […]

The hairdresser as a touchpoint to complement your advertising campaign

Introduction An advertising campaign should always consist of several touchpoints that promote a brand and its products. This is where the hairdresser comes in. The hairdresser can act as an important touchpoint to promote your brand and products. In this article we explain why the hairdresser can be a valuable tool for your advertising campaign. […]