Present your marketing campaign as an entertainment program with smadooh-MEDIA

In the hairdressing sector, it is important to stand out from the competition and attract customers through innovative marketing solutions. This is where Smadooh MEDIA comes in, the DOOH (Digital Out of Home) network for hair salons in Switzerland. With Smadooh MEDIA you can present your marketing campaign as an entertaining program and thus increase […]

The Decelerated Customer

Harnessing the decelerated mindset of target audiences through DOOH media is of great importance for marketing. A decelerated attitude means that people have time and space to engage with content and understand it more deeply. DOOH media, such as Smadooh Media’s network, provides an excellent opportunity to reach decelerated consumers by offering large format and […]

High dwell time and high attention – that’s smadooh MEDIA

With smadooh MEDIA you have the chance to reach your target group on an emotional level and strengthen their brand awareness. Our innovative DOOH networks in Swiss hair salons offer a unique platform for your advertising message, guaranteeing maximum visibility thanks to high dwell times and precise targeting. A new concept for marketing With smadooh […]

Smadooh MEDIA: The New Trend in Digital Out-of-Home Marketing in Switzerland

Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) marketing is on the rise in Switzerland and smadooh MEDIA is a major player in this market. With over 1000 screens and 133+ advertising locations, smadooh MEDIA offers a unique platform for companies to bring their brand and advertising message directly to the target groups. The advantages of DOOH marketing DOOH marketing […]

Unique platform for your advertising message – Smadooh MEDIA

Why should you place your marketing campaign in the hairdressing environment? In today’s world, it is increasingly difficult to capture the attention of consumers. Advertising is often perceived as annoying and overlooked. In the hairdressing environment, however, there is a unique opportunity to reach your target group emotionally. The relaxation and decelerated mindset of your […]

Convince yourself of our vision of a future-oriented marketing solution

As the leading DOOH network in Swiss hair salons, smadooh MEDIA puts your brand in the spotlight. We combine state-of-the-art technology with emotional marketing to provide a unique platform for your advertising. Maximum visibility for your brand With over 1000 screens and 133 advertising locations in hair salons, we offer high dwell time and precise […]

A new world of marketing with Smadooh MEDIA

Smadooh MEDIA is an innovative digital marketing company that opens a new world of marketing. With more than 1000 screens and 133 advertising locations, Smadooh MEDIA offers a wide range of entertainment blocks in various sectors such as sports, travel, crafts, basterln, fashion and technology. REAL Attention through direct address at the operator station One […]

Make your brand shine – with smadooh MEDIA

Unique DOOH solutions for hair salons smadooh MEDIA is an innovative company specializing in providing digital out-of-home (DOOH) solutions for hair salons. With a unique combination of technology and creativity, smadooh MEDIA offers an effective way to make your brand shine in hair salon spaces. Why DOOH in hair salons? Hair salons are an important […]

Impressions for your advertising

Advertising is an important part of any business strategy. Through targeted advertising, you can raise awareness of your brand and products and make potential customers aware of your offerings. But how do you ensure that your advertising is actually seen? Our solution: We place your advertising message in a unique place and offer you the […]