Advertise effectively and cost-efficiently with smadooh MEDIA

smadooh MEDIA is the future of marketing. Our innovative DOOH networks in Swiss hair salons offer a unique platform to present your brand to your target group. The high dwell time and high targeting guarantee maximum visibility of your brand.

Discover the world of entertainment marketing with smadooh MEDIA

With smadooh MEDIA you can reach your target group on an emotional level. Use the moment of relaxation and undisturbed attention of your target group to raise awareness of your brand. Thanks to our innovative DOOH network in Swiss hair salons, we offer a unique platform for your advertising message.

Leverage the cocooning effect

Leverage the cocooning effect and decelerated mindset of your target audience by presenting a unique entertainment program on frontally placed screens. Smadooh MEDIA offers a variety of entertainment blocks from different divisions such as sports, travel, crafts, fashion and technology.

Maximum visibility of your brand

With smadooh MEDIA you achieve maximum visibility of your brand. Our screens are located directly at the operator’s station and are played during the stay of the advertising viewers. This is how we ensure the best possible attention.

REAL Attention

With smadooh MEDIA you get REAL Attention. Our high dwell time and precise targeting guarantee maximum visibility for your brand. Convince yourself of our vision of a future-oriented marketing solution.

Smadooh MEDIA has 1000+ screens and 133+ advertising locations

Smadooh MEDIA has 1000+ screens and 133+ advertising locations. Our network is broad and enables a wide reach of your brand. This way you can reach all Swiss language areas.

Entertainment advertising

With smadooh MEDIA, advertising becomes entertainment. Convince yourself of our vision of a future-oriented marketing solution.

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