Advantages for your hair salon

smadooh MEDIA offers the possibility of additional turnover an individual entertainment format the possibility to communicate their current actions the step into the 21st century - digitize your salon! a hygienic alternative to the printed magazine

Digitization is screaming ahead

Be a part of this movement

Digitalization has revolutionized many industries and hair salons are also affected. More and more hairdressers are turning to digital tools to make their operations more efficient and customer-friendly.

One of the most important areas in which digitization is used is appointment management. Customers can make an appointment online or via app and no longer have to wait on the phone. Managing customer files and services is also done digitally, saving time and paper.

Furthermore, hairdressers are increasingly using digital tools to improve their services. These include, for example, virtual consultation tools that allow customers to try out their dream haircut before putting it into practice.

Communication with customers is also facilitated by digitization. Hairdressers can communicate directly with their clients via social media or messaging apps, sending them offers and news.

We bring you into the future

Smadooh MEDIA offers you so many advantages.

Smadooh Media offers hair salons a variety of ways to increase their sales. By using an individual entertainment format, hairdressers can entertain their customers and inform them about their current offers and promotions at the same time.

With Smadooh Media, hairdressers can also bring their salon into the 21st century and digitize it. This solution offers a hygienic alternative to printed magazines and allows hairdressers to present their content in a modern and appealing way.

All in all, Smadooh Media offers hair salons a versatile way to present their services and offers and increase their sales. By using digital technologies and a customized entertainment format, hair salons’ business can grow and improve their customer satisfaction.

So why smadooh MEDIA?

smadooh brings you the added value you need

The Smadooh Media team takes care of all the technical issues related to the implementation of a signage solution in a hair salon. This means that hairdressers can benefit from the digitization of their salon without needing technical expertise in signage solutions.

Hairdressers can focus on their business while Smadooh Media’s team ensures that technology is working properly and content is updated and managed. This means they don’t have to worry about technical problems and can concentrate fully on their customers and the care of their hair.

With Smadooh Media, every hairdresser can benefit from digitalization simply and easily. Smadooh Media’s team makes sure that all technical matters work perfectly, so that hairdressers can grow their business easily and effectively.

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