highest advertising efficiency with handpicked locations throughout Switzerland. Every day, over 1,000 screens ensure that your advertising message is not only received, but also perceived in the long term.

"We at Froneri are always interested in trying new forms of advertising. The smadooh MEDIA network is very interesting because the consumer is in a feel-good atmosphere and visibility to the tablet and therefore our advertising is guaranteed."

Lisa Possiel
Marketing Manager

#location, location, location
While we and our partners occupy the largest chains of hairdressers in the country, with over 127 locations, providing a strong base noise that can boast of supra-regional strengths. In addition, we are constantly expanding our network and can already count attractive new locations among our portfolio.

The facts:

"The best conversations people have are with their hairdresser. Thanks to smadooh MEDIA's technology, they are now talking about us there too".

David mason

You can find the detailed list of locations under our downloads