Origin was a personalized news app built on artificial intelligence,  that collected individual content according to interest and conveyed it in a visually appealing way.

When, during a visit to the hairdresser, calm was preferred to the usual small talk by placing the cell phone in front of the mirror and activating the app, the idea of smadooh MEDIA was born.

#added value

How great would it be if an artificial intelligence could recognize gender and rough age and then broadcast individualized content to entertain the hairdresser’s guests?

Two major hurdles became apparent: on the one hand, the processing power of the devices at the time was not strong enough, and on the other hand, nationwide Internet bandwidth was not yet available everywhere. So the idea of “Salon TV” had to be put on hold for the time being until the idea was revived in 2019. After about a year of planning and preparation, the time had come in February 2021 and smadooh MEDIA went live with over 1,000 screens at 125 locations. Since then, we have been providing new, exciting content every month, focusing on the best entertainment for the hairdresser guest


  • Mid 2015 – Foundation Apalion AG
  • Beginning of 2019 – resumption of the project “Salon TV
  • Mid-2020 – Gaining GIDOR Coiffure as a rollout partner
  • End of 2020 – building of team, creation of the brand “smadooh MEDIA”.
  • Early 2021 – go live with over 1,000 screens in 128 locations
  • Mid-2021 – successful proof-of-concept phase, further staff and network expansion
  • End of 2021 – Expansion to further locations and partners
  • End of 2022 – Expansion to a national network